Become A Green Thumb Gardener

A green thumb is a name given to a person who has exceptional talents and skills growing and cultivating plants. A great majority of these folks are not horticultural degree holders, but rather learned their expertise through years of research, trial and error, as well as mentoring from other who garden.

B A Green Thumb is a site dedicated to gardening. If you are a novice or a professional this site will inspire and provide information and ideas dedicated to gardening and a greener environment. Please join the discussion and help everyone that is a gardener to share their experience and passion for gardening.
B A Green Thumb
If you are a novice to gardening please ask questions, the best way to find out something you do not know is ask. We are all learning everyday and where you come in at on the learning curve is not as important as getting into the learning curve. The most important thing is that you should learn and those that have knowledge should share. That is the foundation which this community is being built on and everyone is welcome to share in this.

Everyone has some special skills and talents which they take pride in. Some of us do not always recognize this but we do have them. B A Green Thumb is about sharing our skills and talents with others. It is a place to get together and discuss our common interests. This site is also more it is a source of knowledge for those who come to seek answers to question or wish to learn more about gardening and green living. B A Green Thumb is also about showing off our skills and knowledge and giving others a glimpse of our gardens.

By provide information and resources to make gardening easier and less time consuming you will find B A Green Thumb will help you have a more enjoyable time in the garden. .

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Vegetable Gardening

Many of us are being hit with increasing fuel cost as well as the down turn in the economy, the price of everything is going up including food. It is increasingly becoming harder to provide healthy and nutritious food for our families. The Vegetable Gardening Section will help with a collection of tips, resources, and ideas on how to grow fruits and vegetables in your own back yard.

Green Living

There is a great concern today with the future of the earth and the damage inflicted by mankind on this fragile ecosystem. The idea that fossil fuel is not our future is finally sinking in and alternative energy sources are being researched and developed. Global warming is getting more wide spread attention, and we have finally begun to realize the damage we have inflicted upon the earth and a need to correct that. Green Living is information we can use in our everyday lives to help repair the environment and to lead a healthier way of life.
New Technology to help you save money and energy!

By using LED grow lights, you will experience the amazing plant growth and great results without the expense of running traditional lights.

Future Features

On top of the great features you will already find new and upcoming features will be added. There is so much to know and it is true Knowledge Is Power! It is important to share with others and to gain from their experience as well. Some of the upcoming things that will be add are

  • A Members Photo Gallery
  • Recipe Section
  • Do It Yourself Project Section
  • Plant Photo Encyclopedia

I would love you to become a member and hope that you will help to build this community! To stand alone is admirable, to come together as a group with a common cause is enviable.