Turn Our Cities Barren Ground Into Green Gardens

Community Garden Recently I read an article about a Michigan city that has voted to allow gardening on vacant land within the city limits in residential areas bravo to them for  changing the Cities Barren Ground Into Green Gardens. Of course there is some concerns of  residents that oppose the measure because they do not want to have that in their neighborhood and feel that it may disturb their peaceful use of their own properties.

From the comments on the article some felt like it was not something they wanted to put up with in their neighborhood or were concerned about they upkeep. Other people felt like they should be able to do it without the cities interference or rules.They were also trying to get the city to allow greenhouse and hoop houses. This of course would be another issue all together which the city did not address in the ordinance.

I have linked to the article here so that you can see what you think.

Ypsilanti legalizes gardening on vacant lots and delays decision on hoop … – AnnArbor.com

Ypsilanti legalizes gardening on vacant lots and delays decision on hoop …AnnArbor.com Gardening on vacant lots now legal. Although council removed hoop houses and greenhouses from the discussion, council approved a zoning ordinance change allowing …

While I think both sides may have valid points the truth of the matter is that the need to expand urban gardening is a very real issue. Many people do not realize the reduction in carbon emission that could be achieved by not transporting food thousands of miles t get to local markets.

Another benefit would be the creation of real jobs as well as an opportunity for the availability of fresh healthy produce locally grown. Get a community involved would also strengthen the bonds of the community and give them a common project would benefit many.

Of course it would take a lot of committed people who would need to be able to plan and organize well. I do believe though that there are many that would jump at the chance to be a part of something like this. Have you ever thought about a project like this? What are your thoughts about a lot of garden springing up in residential areas. Please take a moment and leave a comment I would really like to know what you think.


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