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 Urban FarmingUrban Farming maybe you have heard that phrase before for those of you who haven’t let me tell you,  it is a movement I guess would be the best way to describe it that is growing all across the country from small towns to the biggest cities. The idea of growing fresh produce and food items in backyards, empty lots and even empty office buildings and warehouses.

Here are several articles giving you some idea of the diversity of urban farming and how fast it is growing.


Five Reasons Why Urban Farming Is The Most Important Movement

In my own community, the urban farming movement has reinvigorated local commerce. Instead of buying oranges, I now trade pumpkin for oranges from my neighbor’s tree. If urban farming continued to grow, it would cause a

Chicago’s urban farm district could be the biggest in the nation | Grist

Chicago’s South Side could soon remake itself as a greenbelt studded with urban farms — perhaps the largest such network in the country.

Trend 8: Urban Farming Becomes Serious Business – The Pop-Up City

Of course, urban agriculture is a trend that we should have mentioned in some trend list years ago, but definitely not here. Although we see urban farms popping up on every corner of the street, we have always doubted the

Innovations and Trends in Sustainable Urban Agriculture (Nationally

Interest in urban food is growing, not only on the part of consumers, but also on the part of federal and local policymakers. While policymakers typically focus on the food access aspect of urban farming, growth in urban and

Urban Farming is About People | Startup Owl

Ryan Finch, GM of Raleight City Farm says urban farming is about people..

While many people think when the term urban farming is used it is just talking about growing fresh fruits and vegetables, but it is also about bee keeping, raising poultry, selling fresh eggs, even selling goat milk and cheese. There is certainly been a lot of changes in urban farming today.


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